AMReX Tutorials

AMReX is a software framework library containing all the functionality to write massively parallel, block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) applications. AMReX is freely available at

There is extensive documentation for AMReX at Welcome to AMReX’s documentation

AMReX Tutorials are a set of small stand-alone example codes that demonstrate how to use different parts of the AMReX functionality. You can also work through a set of AMReX tutorials online here, without needing to install any dependencies or download any code to your local machine. For accompanying slides, see here.

We are always happy to have users contribute to AMReX Tutorials as well as the AMReX source code. To contribute, issue a pull request against the development branch (details at

The amrex/Tutorials directory is broken into the following categories:

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The copyright notice of AMReX is included in the AMReX home directory as

Your use of this software is under the 3-clause BSD license – the license agreement is included in the AMReX home directory as license.txt.

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