These tests, AssignMultiLevelDensity and HeatEquation_EX1_C, demonstrate how to convert AMReX Mesh data into an in-memory Conduit Mesh Blueprint description for consumption by the ALPINE Ascent in situ visualization and analysis tool. These are variants, respectively, of amrex/Tests/Particles/AssignMultiLevelDensity and amrex-tutorials/ExampleCodes/Basic/HeatEquation_EX1_C.

For details about what mesh features are currently supported, see: amrex/Src/Base/AMReX_Conduit_Blueprint.H

These tests use the interfaces in Src/Base/AMReX_Conduit_Blueprint.H, which are built when USE_CONDUIT=TRUE. These tests’ GNUmakefiles provide a template of how to enable and link Conduit and Ascent.

For more details about Conduit and Ascent, please see:


Repo: Docs Blueprint Docs:


Ascent Repo: Ascent Docs:

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