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Yield-stress fluids

Capturing transient behaviour of strain-rate-dependent rheological models

Lid-driven cavity problem for a Papanastasiou-regularised Bingham fluid with Reynold's number 1000, Bingham number 1 and regularisation parameter 0.0025. The heatmap shows the effective viscosity distribution, while the black contour lines illustrate the location of the surface where the stress magnitude equals a characteristic threshold value. In order to accurately resolve this yield surface, we utilise adaptive mesh refinement with stress-triggered cell tagging in three layers.

  • Time-dependent viscoplastic fluid flow simulations in two and three dimensions, K. Sverdrup, N. Nikiforakis and A. Almgren, in preparation, 2018, arXiv:1803.00417
Image courtesy of Knut Sverdrup, Laboratory for Scientific Computing, University of Cambridge.